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she ded
"what's vore"
"it's creepy"
frame for my animanimation
Emoticon: Breaks, haha I get it. 
i didn't want to write my watermark so i typed it with the text tool instead

*insert earrape papito chocolata*

Backstory - ONCE UPON A TIME TWO GOATS FUCKED AND MADE A SAMMY. And then they fucked again and made a Toto. Woohoo! Sammy and Toto's lives are boring as crap besides some telekinesis and excessive amounts of ketchup everywhere until O N E D A Y Save! appears and is like I WILL ABSORB YOUR POWER and mixes up Sammy for inheriting goat mother's powers instead of Toto. And then Save! kills Sammy! Yayyyy... then Toto is like YU MONSTYER HOW COULD???? and then Save! uses the power of portals and sends Toto to Ex-Machina-Forest and then 4 years later Hopes and Dreams starts. The end!

Random thingsTM - sammy is a nerd and super cute and if you don't love her you are diseased
If Sammy blushes too hard it becomes rainbow, because RAINBOWS! and goat mother has magical.
sammy can bark... somehow??
Blue eye, tongue and rainblow blush comes from goat mother's magic. Those things wouldn't be there if goat mother didn't have magic.
Sammy's extremely insecure about her 'unnatural' eyes and wears red contacts if she gets too worried about how people feel about her
she puts ketchup on 99.9% of everything
Samsam reads alot
She can make spaghetti and that's it. she's really good at it though
Sammy's 14 years old as of her death, and would be 18 when Hopes and Dreams started if she hadn't died
GIF Steven Universe - Flush!GIF Steven Universe - Flush!
Her theme is the E Rank theme from Sonic Unleashed-- Just kidding, it's Be My Escape by Relient K.
"You're gay. You're extremely gay."
          -Sammy Baler Gida

Toto -…

you've made it to the end
good job

this product is chungis-brand
Emoticon: Breaks, haha I get it. 
duck paws
last night i had a dream where i was playing the sims 3 with a sim named luigi, but i called her connie
Emoticon: Breaks, haha I get it. 
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Yesterday I took a Which Undertale Character Are You test with my little sister. She was Papyrus and I was Sans.

Last night I had a dream where Silver was doing twirly things, and I completely ignored his twirly things and just stared at his floopy ears. And when I woke up, I was under a table. I slept on the couch.

And finally, earlier today I was playing The Sims 3 with the Pets expansion pack. My dog (Lucky) was playing with another dog (Pantoufle), when the other dog despawned and I got a notification that they died. They weren't an elder, nor did I get an animation for it.


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"Hey um, would you mind doing this thing called fuck off?"


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